Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Comfortable side stand for Le Mans

I have been suffering from difficulties to handle my Moto Guzzi Le Mans iii. To get on and off, unlike the modern bikes, its side stand is unreachable with your foot while you are on the bike.

Some Japanese Guzzi riders have found a reasonable way to add a side stand on a normal location. (Thanks to Mr Nene-jiichan, thanks to Mr Sironeko, and thanks to Mr. Yamaya)

This is a guide to convert a Honda Super Cub (Japan Post Version) side stand to a Le Mans.

You will need the following;
Side stand for Honda Super Cub, Japan Post version. (Available at Yahoo! Auction of Japan in the range of JPY1000 to 2500)

(Please be noted that the most of the seller at Yahoo!Japan Auction do not ship goods to overseas)

A metal bar to add a hook
M10/55mm bolt & nut
Black paint

A vise (better be a large one)
An angle grinder
A 11mm drill
A welder

Place your Moto Guzzi Le Mans on a solid base using a jack, so that the bike is stably vertical without its center stand.
Remove the mufflers and H tube from your Moto Guzzi Le Mans

Check the engine mount bolt in front of the center stand to see if the nut is on the right of the vehicle. If it is on the right side, pull out the long bolt and reverse the direction to have the nut on the left.

Then, remove the center stand bolt, and replace it with the M10/55mm bolt & nut. Make sure the direction of the bolt is that the nut is on the left side.

Insert the metal base place of the SuperCub stand into a vise to flatten it.

Make it as flat as shown here

Then, cut the base plate with an angle (disc) grinder to the size shown in the photo

The gap between the edge of the plate and the stand arm is stated here as 15mm, but actually it is up to you. You may adjust the angle of the arm by shaving the plate near the pivot. Please do it gradually and carefully, or do it at the very end of the all process. Should you have shaved it too much, it will be difficult to restore it.

Next is drill the holes accordingly as shown in the photo. 80mm between the center of the each holes, and 14mm between the bottom edge of the place and center of the farther hole. Before starting drilling, please make sure the locations of the holesyou’re your bike. The positions define the angle of the bike with the side stand deployed. Diameter is recommended to be 11mm.

Also, the shave the edge of the back side of the plate as shown here

 This is required to avoid contact with the bike frame. Again, fit the plate to bike before you actually start the process.

Next, is to shave the end of the stand arm in order to make a surface parallel to the plate

Actually, when the center stand is deployed, the spring of the side stand may touch the surface of the center stand. Perhaps, adhere a black tape on the center stand to avoid the paint to come off.

These are the basic part of the procedure.
From here is the supplemental procedure at your will.

How about adding an extra bar to make it easier to deploy the side stand?

In this case, why don't you cut the metal anchor bar like above and weld it on the arm as shown here

It may require different angle, different length in accordance with your silencer shape.

You may ask a local professional ironworks to do the welding or the whole procedure.
What is left now is paint it in black, bolt it on, put the muffler back on the bike.

Moreover, the additional thickness of the side stand plate reduces the excess length of engine mount bolt.  You may replace the washer with a thinner washer of remove it at all.

This is a picture from a friend of mine, showing the complete unit of the modified Super-Cub Side stand.

Remove the H-shaped chamber and mufflers

Shown here are the removed H-shaped Chamber and right-side muffler.

Remove the long bolt of the engine mount

Reverse the bolt and put the modified side stand on with the nut of the long bolt coming to the left side as shown in the photo
Easy peasy.

Adjust the angle of the stay


This beautiful Le Mans III is owned by Mr Yamaya

In my case, I have asked an ironworks in neighhorhood.
The pro has modified it so well as shown above

Looking down the side stand

The added side stand is easy to reach with your foot while you are on the bike.

Pull it down

So easy to keep the heavy Le Mans steady

Isn't it cool?

Now I love my white Le Mans III even more....

All procedures must be done at your own risk. We are not responsible for any consequences you may face by reading this document.

With a side stand in a proper position, riding a Le Mans or a Tonti Guzzi will be much easier and more comfortable, enabling you to ride farther and faster.


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  1. I'd like to try this modification but am not sure which parts to use - do you have some part numbers that i could use to find the correct stand in the UK?